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h. Will you have luck in life?

In the figure no. 26 you can see a hand of a person which manages everything in life.
Look at the shape of this hand with harmonious lines. This palm is the image of perfect, ideal happiness; the synthesis of good and beautiful, of a very pleasant existence, away from trouble.
If we take in consideration the intellect and morale, which are the base of any happiness, you can see the balance between those showed in the large middle of the palm and in thinness of the fingers, nicely shaped, proportioned.
The line of head starts and ends in little branches showing a very intelligent person.
More, the line of Sun, well marked, starting from the fourth finger, going towards the line of life seems to highlight the entire hand. The Sun gives a strong intellect, a strong success, fame, big fortunes.
Even with unlucky hands regarding fortunes if this line is clean and nice shaped shows a lucky ending, unexpected luck.
Another important characteristic: a beautiful line of heart that crosses the upper part of the palm. Clean, without any cut, it shows the high feelings, the happiness of the owner of such a hand.
Under the line of heart and the second finger (forefinger) a cross shows a marriage, a very successful, happy one, full of shared love.
Another cross, in the middle of the palm, towards the thumb, means that the love will be very strong, a unique marriage, without any disappointment.
A double line of life, long and very well marked, shows a good health, a beautiful person inside and outside. It means a long life, without illnesses, pains, disabilities.
At last, the two lines that start from the line of life and go towards the finger of Jupiter (forefinger) show the same as the three bracelets (called magic bracelets) a strong, healthy body, as well as a great happiness.

i. Hand of a divorced person

The example of such a hand is very simple, as you can see in figure no.27.
There are shown on purpose only the main, principal lines, the others being excluded. Have a look at the line that crosses the palm: starts and ends by a star.
On the mountain of Venus are shown all the troubles of the family this person is part of. If one has a star and a cross in the same place, on the mountain of Venus, shows a great pain. The main lines start at the bottom of the thumb. If these lines are clear, without any breaks, after troubles follows happiness. If they are not like that it means that this person will not have any peace, the troubles will go on.
The stars show a definitive separation. Have a look at the second star, ends on the line of head, meaning the will of the actions.

j. Hand of a person with heart illness

The main line that shows the way the heart functions is, of course, the line of heart.
You can see an example of such a hand in figure no.28.
When this line is clean, clear, without spots and when the length of it is not big this shows a person with a strong, healthy heart, with a good blood circulation, no fear about any heart illnesses.
When it is deep, like sculptured in the palm, with red dots it shows a heart disease, mostly hereditary but not very serious if the line doesn't stop abruptly.
A line of heart linked with the line of head shows always a violent death or sudden.
So the main characteristics of such a hand are: thin fingers, line of life not so long, barely reaching the middle of the palm. The lines of heart, of head and of life start from the same point. The line of luck is missing.

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