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d. Hand of a business person

This hand has square fingers, fingers that show a person liking order, being clean.
An example of such a hand one can see in the figure no.22.
The mountain of Mercury is very developed, higher the all the other mountains, showing love for money.
All the main lines go towards the mountain of Mercury. The line of luck reaches, same, this mountain, as well as a line that starts at the root of the hand and some branches of the line of head.
If the businesses are not so successful you can see a star on the mountain of Mercury, showing that the owner of the hand might reach bankruptcy.

e. Hand of a stubborn, ambitious person

One of the main characteristics is the finger of Jupiter (forefinger) which is very long, same as the finger of Saturn (middle finger), showing an extraordinary ambition.
A shape of such a hand is shown in figure no.23.
Ambition, desire for honors are the only purposes for this person existence. A deep line is cutting in length the finger of Jupiter (forefinger).
The line of luck is very well marked.
A star on the mountain of Jupiter shows a successful marriage, but made for ambition.
The line of head starts above the line of life, showing that this person has faith in his/her destiny. If the line of head starts in two branches, one of them linked with the line of life, it means ambition will overwhelm love.
If the line of life has branches that go towards the line of head shows that the highest ambitions will be reached.

f. Hand of a mean person

You can notice immediately such a hand because the line of heart is missing or you barely can see it.
An example of such a hand with the main characteristics is shown in figure no.24.
The mountain of Mercury is very developed. When the palm is flat and the fingers spread, the fingers are bending towards the palm and the thumb makes an acute angle with the hand. The finger of Apollo (ring finger) is bent at the end.
The line of head crosses entirely the hand and has a branch that goes towards the mountain of Moon. All this showing (what we know actually about such a person) that the mean person has an iron will and any means that bring money are good.

g. Hand of a criminal

This type of hand has short fingers and a thumb terrible in sight.
Have a look at the figure no.25.
There are not so many lines, the mountains are not prominent.
The line of life is short, showing imprisoning or sentenced to death.
The line of head is short as well and ends up in a fork, meaning crime.
The cross on the plain of Mars shows that the crime committed will find a punishment.
The line of heart is short, showing cruelty.
The mountain of Mercury is a little bit high and has a star; the first phalanx of the finger of Mercury (little finger) has a star as well. All these mean that the person has other skills as well in criminality not only murder.

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