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What hand do you have?
Down below can find some examples of hands, interesting ones.

a. Hand of a fortunate person

Watching the figure no 19 you can see a harmonious hand, with a long, clean line of life that shows a healthy life, till the end, old age; more the beginning of the line of life on the bottom of the mountain of Jupiter means a wonderful existence.
The line of head has a parallel line with it and it shows wealth. Both lines cross perfectly the palm, meaning business intelligence, order. The line of heart is very well marked showing a loving person, kind and tolerant, indulgent with others. Each of the ends of the line of heart ends in two branches and it means a healthy heart and a strong love as well.
The line of luck starts from the root of the palm and goes towards the mountain of Jupiter and it is very clean. It shows of course a happy life, glory, without worries.
The line of Sun is as well very well marked, clean, showing success. This line ends under the mountain of Apollo meaning honors as well. There are three of the bracelets and well marked, showing a long, happy life and peaceful old age.
There is a cross on the mountain of Jupiter, which shows, as we said earlier on, a happy marriage. If there is also a star near this cross means that the luck will join this happy love. A cross on the mountain of Venus shows that this love will be unique.

b. Hand of an unfortunate person

The shape of the hand of such a person is square, uninteresting. There is a type of such a hand in figure no 20. In this palm you can find all the signs of fatality, an unhappy fate.
The line of life stops suddenly at about the third part from the normal length and shape. A death may occur between 30-35 years of age.
If there is a cross on the line of life shows that this person, even if he/she has a short life, it will also happen something dramatic.
If the line of head stops under the mountain of Saturn this accentuates the meanings of line of life. The line of heart is short, showing an early death.
More, this line is like a chain, showing a heart illness. In addition to these physical sufferings, this person's loves will be unhappy, this being showed by lots of little lines crossing the line of heart.
The line of luck goes on the mountain of Saturn and it is crossed by many little lines, showing deception, trouble. The line of Sun doesn't exist. The line of health is cut in many places; the bracelets are not very well formed and show poverty. The little dots you can see on the line of life and on the line of head mean not a good health, serious illnesses.
The mountain of the Moon has lots of horizontal little lines, showing a restless and unhappy temper.

c. Hand of a poet

The main feature of such a hand is the extraordinary length of the finger of Apollo (ring finger). The fingers are long, sculptured, fingers of an intellectual, artistic person. These interesting features of a poet are showed in figure no.21. The mountain of Apollo dominates this hand and the length of the line of luck shows the extent of this person's artistic potential.
The mountain of the Moon is high, meaning a lot of poetic imagination.
The line of heart is very well marked and has branches that go towards the mountain of Jupiter. The poet will be happy with his love.
The ring of Venus is very well marked as well. The mystic cross is same well marked.

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