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Angles and triangles and rectangles

It is called a triangle (best shown in fig. no. 18) in a person's hand the space gathered between the line of life, of head and the line of health. It is called a rectangle the part of the hand between the line of head and line of heart.
You will find in a hand three important angles (as in fig. no. 18 and fig. no. 17):
1. the one created when the line of life and the line of head start from the same point;
2. the one created by the line of health crossing the line of luck;
3. the one created by the line of health crossing the line of head.
If the first angle exists it shows a very intelligent person; very clear and clean and acute: sensitivity.
If the second angle is clear and clean it shows perfect health; acute (small): a person without generosity, a sickly character.
If the third angle is large it means a long life; obtuse: a person without faith; not clean and clear: postherpetic neuralgia; barely shown, not prominent: susceptibility.
If the triangle A (as you can see in fig. no. 18) is well marked means a very intelligent person; a very large one: a noble character; acute (small): a weak mind; created too low: a lethargic person.
If the rectangle B (see fig. no. 18) is big, large and regular shows a balanced person, with a healthy thinking; a large one, going towards the root of the palm: a character leaning towards sects.
A small rectangle means a person not sincere, hypocrite; not a clean one, with lots of little lines: a weak person, with a weak mind.
Some little lines join creating little triangles which play an important role in the general description of a hand.
If you can see such triangles on top of the mountain of Apollo: artistic skills; on the first phalanx of the finger of Saturn (middle finger): immorality, depravity; on the mountain of Mercury: political skills, diplomacy; at the end of the line of head: eloquence; on the mountain of Mars: military glory; on the mountain of Moon: intuition, good common sense; on the mountain of Saturn: magic skills; on the plain of Mars, between the line of luck and the line of life: military glory; on the line of head under the mountain of Saturn: success in sciences; on the mountain of Venus: a very prudent person about love; on one of the bracelets: long life; at the end of the line of life: a very chatty person.

c. Other signs

If you look very carefully in a palm you can see other signs as well, such as: round dots, branches, chains.
Round dots, branches that go towards the top of the hand are good signs, achievements, happiness, good fortune as a general idea.
On the contrary, the chains mean struggle, obstacles, misfortune.

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