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Line of heart:

If it is a very clean line it is a good sign. If it has at the beginning something like roots that start from the mountain of Jupiter, then the luck is bigger.
Opposite, if the line is like a chain, crossed by many little lines, means that one is not lucky in love, lots of disillusions. Stopping under the mountain of Saturn, not a too clear line means selfishness; if it goes towards the line of the head it is lack of intelligence; wavy: coquetry; very clear, deep and red: cruelty; too close to the line of head: hypocrisy; around the mountain of Jupiter: jealousy; a long, wide line, but not so clear: tendency to crime; if it has little branches that goes under the mountain of Jupiter: idealism in love; a double line: devotion in love. If the line starts under the mountain of Saturn shows a person interested in money; if there are white dots along the line: many happy loves; with an island in it: forbidden love; broken under the mountain of Saturn: a close death, under the mountain of Apollo: self-confidence, under the mountain of Mercury: stupidity and scrooge. If the line has a shape of a chain: cardiac problems.
If this line is missing completely shows a person full of cruelty and selfishness.

Line of luck:

Very clean and very long, starting from the root of the hand and going towards the mountain of Saturn, split at the end promise glory. If this line goes towards the finger of Saturn shows wealth and a life full of admiration. If it is well marked and split in the middle of the hand in two lines that join afterwards means bad luck and failure; clean and starting from the plain of Mars: an easy life; broken into the line of head: big change in life; bent towards the mountain of Apollo: great eloquence; starting from the mountain of Moon: fortune gained through friendship; ending of the mountain of Jupiter: stupidity; climbing on the mountain of Saturn: prison; wavy with a parallel line: misfortune; ending at the line of head: misfortune made by personal mistakes; starting from the mountain of Moon and ending at the line of heart: happy marriage.
If this line is crossed by little lines shows troubles; with a branch that goes towards the mountain of the Moon: heart problems; with branches that go towards the root of the hand: return of the luck.
When it starts from the line of head means late success; with a branch that reaches the mountain of Mercury: dramatic success; stopping between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn: peaceful life; reaching the line of heart and ending on the mountain of Jupiter: unique love; broken near the line of heart: end of a strong love.
Hands of common people have a very clean and deep line of luck. That means that such kinds of people are happy with their life, not wanting glory or not having high ambitions.

Line of sun:

This line starts from the line of life and it is similar to the line of luck.
If the line stops under the mountain of Apollo shows celebrity, if it is long means wealth, clean: glory and triumph; split in three branches at the end: honors.
When it ends in many little lines around the mountain of Apollo shows a person not successful in business or in art.
Generally people of Arts, with a lucky fate, have a beautiful line of sun. If you have such a line you don't have to be afraid of misery or of bad luck.
It lightens the existence like a ray of the sun, that's why it has this name. It brings glory.

Line of health:

This line starts from the root of the hand and goes towards the mountain of Mercury. You can see a good example of it in figure no 15, as well in figure no 17, where it is described a hand of a healthy person.
If this line starts from the line of life it shows a person easy liable to injuries. If it is broken, made by little pieces of lines means that it exists the possibility of a serious illness; climbing towards the mountain of Saturn: old age; red: fever; if meets the line of head on the mountain of Moon: that person is full of life. If this line has one branch that reaches the mountain of Jupiter: lots of travels.
Only vivid, cheerful people are missing completely this line.

Line of intuition:

This line is well marked or not depending on your qualities of intuition.
If it is crossed by many little lines shows many travels.
The line of intuition is marked on the plain of Mars.
An example of it can be seen in the figure no 14.

Line of marriage:
The lines of love and marriage are marked on the root of the little finger, near the mountain of Mercury.
A broken line shows a broken engagement because of a death; with an island: unhappy marriage; with more islands: love for a relative (incest); black dots: widowhood. If it is a broken line, crossed by little vertical lines means an unhappy marriage.
Above the lines of marriage there are little parallel lines that shows the number of children you had or will have.
An example of lines of life can be seen in figure no 14. You can see how you can count the number of children in an example in figure no 15.

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