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e. Shape of hand lines meaning

If you study the palmistry, every line has it's meaning, according to its shape, position, specially position from the main lines, lines that are considered the scaffolding of this science.
Down below you will find different descriptions of the lines. Examples, for you to be easier understanding, of shapes of lines are given in figure no 12. The main lines of the hand are shown in figure no 18, according to which one can say a lot of things about a person.
Let's see what these lines tell us.

Line of life:

As you realize by its name, this line tells about the existence of a person. According to the length and shape of this line you can tell if a person has a long healthy life or a short sickly life.
Experience proved us that the persons whom lines of life, heart and head start from the same point should be afraid of a violent death. If line of life starts on Jupiter Mountain, that person will have glory, success, no matter the business is in trade, or art. If it has new branches shows a lot of changing; like a broken stalk means hereditary disabilities; if it is ending in many crosses means a lot of bad luck. With a parallel line shows a nervous type; with a line that goes from its extremity and ends on Mercury Mountain means that we deal with a good speaker.
Split in 2 branches, one going towards mountain of Mercury and the other one to mountain of Moon shows a traveler; being same with line of head for long means timidity.
As you can see in fig. 13, with the help of this line we can find out how long one can live. But be aware that the shape of a hand might change every 30 years. This means that the length, shapes of the lines can change as well.

Line of head:

If this line looks like it is joining the fingers of Apollo and Mercury shows madness. It means same if it has a branch that finish in a star. If it has like an island in its way shows brain fever; if it is redish and it has black dots along: fever; white dots at the pick of Saturn Mountain: money, success in business. If it is long, but not so visible: frivolity; wavy: relative honesty; finishing in 2 branches, one in mountain of Mars, the other one in mountain of Moon shows rabies. When the line is long and starts from the same point as line of life and inclined towards the bracelet it means nervousness, hysteria, troubled imagination; if it is very far away from line of line shows lack of intelligence; going towards the mountain of Mercury: the art of facial expressions; joined with line of heart under the mountain of Mercury: early death.
If this line has a branch at the end that goes towards the mountain of Moon shows lie; going towards the line of heart: shyness; with a branch that finishes in a star on the mountain of Jupiter: extraordinary success, if this branch goes up the finger of Jupiter: vanity, pride, if this branch finishes in a star, the pride will be fatal. If the line forms a pointed angle with the line of life: prudence. If the line stops on the mountain of Mercury means a high spirit; if it is completely separated of the line of life shows self confidence; with a branch that starts from an end and reaches the line of heart: the mind is stronger than the heart; split in many branches that go towards Saturn: wealth; white dots at the level of the finger of Saturn: success in science; branches that go towards the mountain of Mercury: success in business; little lines that go towards the line of heart, but without touching it: being slave of love; split: diplomatic person; crossed by a very well marked line around the mountain of Apollo: ruin because of love; going towards the line of life: love that brings misfortune; with a blue spot in the plain of Mars: tendency to crime.

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