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c. Nails shape meaning

When you study a hand you must look also at the nails. If they have a long shape it is a sign of timidity, indecision; short shape shows critically behavior, order, confidence (fig. 11).

d. Mountains shape meaning

You can see the position of the mountains in figure no 6 or in figure no 3, the geography of the hand.

Mountain of Venus:
A pronounced mountain of Venus is a sign of voluptuousness; pronounced but without so many lines shows a good heart, a joyful person; a normal mountain of Venus means love, not at all pronounced shows a cold person, selfishness.
Crossed by parallel lines that start at the bottom of the thumb and end at the line of head, the mountain of Venus shows money troubles; if there is a line that reaches line of Mercury you can say it is about luck by love; if there are 2 lines going to Mars means plot of love; if there is a star from where starts a line and goes to the mountain of Apollo: inheritances; a very pronounced line from the bottom of the mountain and going to the line of luck shows violent passions; 3 lines that cut the line of life, line of luck and line of head means a love that will destroy your life; stars near the lie of life shows love, but unhappy.

Mountain of Jupiter:
It is placed under the forefinger. A pronounced one shows a person with ambition, the need to protect. If the mountain is covered, like mountain of Saturn, by many little lines means envy; not pronounced shows laziness, useless life; crossed by pronounced lines shows luck; wide shows joy. If this mountain is not at all pronounced, missing shows lack of dignity and sociability.

Mountain of Saturn:
A pronounced one means melancholy; not pronounced shows imprudence; crossed by one line well pronounced shows triumph by intelligence; with 2 wavy lines shows an intelligent person, but using it in a bad way. If you don't have a mountain of Saturn means a sad life, without any satisfactions.

Mountain of Apollo:
A pronounced one means glory; a very pronounced one shows genius; a valley in the middle shows artistic skills; covered by little lines means love; wide and with a square shape shows frivolity; crossed by very little fine lines shows failure. If it is very pronounced and has 2 horizontal lines means fortune. If it is round on the top shows a successful person. If it is high where the finger starts means curiosity. If it is not at all pronounced, missing shows lack of artistic skills, cheerless existence.

Mountain of Mercury:
A pronounced, developed one shows intuition, tendency for science, especially in medical fields, successful in business. If it is wide, like going to the other side of the hand, shows genius; if it is not pronounced, flat, means that the person is not interested in business; covered by crossed lines means a person with theft skills. If it has a vertical line that goes to the little finger shows luck, friendship with celebrities; more well visible and vertical lines shows medical skills. If this mountain is missing shows a person without any scientific skills.

Mountain of Moon:
A developed, pronounced one means taste for literature, poetic skills, imagination. If it is small and not pronounced shows a person without imagination. If a line starts from it starts a line and cross the luck line this shows macabre imagination; a mountain with crossed line shows joy and imagination; a small mountain and covered by little lines means anxiety, superstition, jealousy; if there is a curve line that goes to the mountain of Mercury means intuition; if it is crossed by lines that start from the bracelets and go to the line of health that shows unlucky trips, misfortune. If this mountain is missing this shows a person without artistic skills, with contempt for poetry, literature.

Plain of Mars:
A plain without lines shows a fatalistic, reticent person; crossed by many lines means an anxious temperament. A wide, pronounced plain means plenty of energy, boldly, anger and sometimes tendency of killing. If it is crossed by a well marked line that goes to the mountain of Saturn means death on a battle field; with 3 vertical well marked lines shows medical skills. This plain missing shows fear, a coward person.
A hand with all the mountains missing shows a very scrooge person, a person that exaggerates ordering things.

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