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How you can read a palm:

a. Hand shape meaning

You don't need to have specialized studies to know, to see if a hand is long or short, wide or narrow. It's enough to shake somebody's hand to realize if that hand is soft or strong.
First you notice if the fingers are knotty or not, if the finger-tips are pointed, squared or wide.
Small, artistic hands, like the hands used as models by painters or sculptors, are not always favorable to value a person.
In long hands you can find art, dexterity, good taste; in short ones will and commercial skills.
A short hand doesn't appreciate anything from the point of view of imagination.
A soft hand, a hand you fill is melting in yours, shows an impressionable person, but also kind of a temperamental one.
A strong hand is associated with an active person.
A long palm, compared to fingers, means that an interest in material things is stronger then being intelligent. A short palm compared to fingers shows an intelligent person.
Hands that have the palms crossed by many lines show persons that are nervous, anxious, temperamental, sensitive.
A palm with not so many lines has an equable person.

b. Fingers shape meaning

Long fingers: elegance, dexterity; short ones: commercial and administrative skills. Long or short, you have to take in consideration also the form of fingers: pointed, wide, square.
Pointed fingers (fig. 1) show penchant for poetry, art.
Conical fingers (fig.2) imagination, kindness.
Square fingers (fig. 4) show order, meticulously.
Wide fingers (fig. 5) mean persons with scientific skills, who like activity.
Smooth fingers show more an instinctive person that a thoughtful one; if the joints between the phalanxes are gnarled it means that the persons have philosophical, thoughtful skills (fig. 7).
If the thumb is long means domination, short slavery; if it is curved outwards shows generosity, opposite: greed. If the first phalanx is long means a person with strong will; if the second phalanx is longer shows logic, thinking (fig. 8). If these 2 phalanxes are short this shows that the person is under somebody domination, without any initiative.
If the thumb is short but wide, then the person is cantankerous, angry. If the thumb tip becomes very wide at the top can show a very violent person, able to commit a crime.
A long finger of Jupiter shows ambitious, authority skills of a person, thirst for glory; a very long one means despotism, sometimes mysticism, also taste for symbolic interpretation of arts.
A long finger of Saturn means a person with a hidden pride, which turns to sadness. Like this it is called the finger of "misunderstood". The finger of Apollo is the finger of arts. If it is longer then the finger of Jupiter means that the aspirations will darken the ambitions. If it is longer then the finger of Saturn shows a judge's temperament, an adventurous spirit.
A long finger of Mercury shows a scientific person; very long is a sign of physical skills, eloquence; a short one shows an obeying person, the will to listen and imitate the masters.
These are just a few, brief explanations of the very different shapes of the finger. Later in the detailed descriptions that are given you will find more interesting things.

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