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PALM READING PART I ...continued

c. Lines:

The lines are those marks more or less deep, visible in the palm, crossing all over it.
Because the lines are more visible and deep in the left palm, this is the one you study when it's about lines.
The main lines, easy to find and study (fig. 3) are:

Line of life - it's the line that goes around the mountain of Venus:
-when it's long and well marked: a long life and good health;
-when it's double: long and happy old age.

Line of head - it's the line that starts somewhere between the thumb and forefinger, almost the same point as line of life and goes across the hand, parallel with line of heart:
-well marked and long: shows good judgment and open minded;
-away from life line: very self-confident;
-broken under mountain of Saturn: violent death.

Line of heart - starts under the mountain of Jupiter, passes under the mountains of Saturn, Apollo and Mercury and ends almost on the backhand:
-nice and clean, well marked, starting under the mountain of Jupiter and going till under the mountain of Mercury shows very strong love and happiness;
-short: means heartless;
-like a chain: more loves;
-well marked and almost red: unrequited love;
-not so well visible, pale: lust.

Line of luck - called also as line of Saturn, of luck in life, or line of destiny; it starts from the bracelets, passes through the middle of line of heart and end under the mountain of Saturn or Mercury
-when it starts near the line of life shows a good destiny;
-starting from plain of Mars means passing troubles;
-starting from the bracelets: an amazing good destiny, a lot of luck;
-when it starts from the mountain of Moon shows luck by chance or love, wealth by marriage or unexpected inheritance.

Line of health - starts on the palm down, near the line of life, passes near the mountain of Moon and Mars and ends under the mountain of Mercury (fig. 15):
-well marked, long and clear shows good health, smart person;
-in zigzags: not a good health.

Line of intuition - known also as line of Moon, goes around the mountain of Moon or from line of health (if it is shorter) and ends near the mountain of Mercury (fig. 14) - it can rare be seen:
-the person who has this line is a very intelligent, imaginative one; understands people and things around by intuition, like a prophecy.

Line of sun - called also as line of Apollo, starts at line of life and goes towards mountain of Apollo (fig. 19).

Line of Mars - you can't see it in all hands, it is rare and it is parallel with the life line.

Line of marriage - you can see it towards the end of the palm, under the mountain of Mercury (fig. 14).

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