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1. What does the shape of a hand show:

First of all it has to be said that all the readings in a palm, the interpretations are done with the left hand. In the end everything is linked to the right hand.
A large strong hand, with squares fingers shows an energetic person, strength and courage, force to fight in life. If it is also large open and if the finger length does not surpass the palm of the hand, then the hand shows sincerity, an open minded person.
On the contrary, a soft crooked hand, with long thin fingers will show a selfish person, a Lovelace, a person who doesn't know to say 'No'.

2. What can we see in a hand:

a. Fingers:

Thumb - it is called also the finger of Venus (Goddess of love): the first phalanx, that one with the nail, shows the will; the second shows judgment; the third, including the mountain of Venus, shows love.
Forefinger - finger of Jupiter (the Master of Gods): is the first finger. A long one, thin shows a restless soul. A pointed one shows a tendency to being mean. A wide, shovel-shaped one shows power of acting. A square one: order, true, being economic. A woman with fingers like that, squares, is the woman we should look for to marry: is the most faithful companion in a man's life.
Middle finger - finger of Saturn (Father of Gods, the sun of earth and heaven): the second finger. Being pointed means coldness, square well advised, wide shows an active person.
Ring finger - it is called the finger of Apollo (God of arts and poetry): the third finger. Pointed finger: love of arts, a person who lives in the clouds. Square finger: a person who likes the truth, an open minded. Wide one: a person who likes to play drama.
Little finger - known as finger of Mercury (God of trade): the last one. Pointed: a sly person, a person who knows to twist the words. Square: smart person, a person that can manage well with a business.

When you have the hand wide open and the forefinger and middle one are distant this shows a person with strong own opinions. If the ring finger and the little finger are distant it shows independence in action. If all the fingers are really distant it shows originality, a person confident in herself. If the third line of phalanxes are thick at the bottom: this shows greed. If the first line of phalanxes is curved outwards shows a miserly person; opposite shows extravagance.

When you keep the fingers straight the thumb may curve outwards or inwards. If it is inwards shows miser, if it is outwards shows a generous person.

b. Mountains:

They are called mountains the little bumps, elevations at the base of the fingers (fig.3, fig.6).
Mountain of Jupiter - under the forefinger - : if it is pronounced means a religious, superstitious person; if it is missing shows a rude person, lazy.
Mountain of Saturn - under the middle finger - : pronounced: too much thinking, prudence, sadness, taciturn; not: unlucky, insignificant life.
Mountain of Apollo - under the ring finger - : pronounced: very smart, artistic person, love for money; not: sadness, boring person.
Mountain of Mercury - under the little finger - : pronounced: developed imagination, penchant for science; very pronounced: false person, cheating person, lies; not pronounced: passive life.
Mountain of Moon - pronounced: a lot of imagination, idealistic person, chastity; very pronounced: despair, nervous, discouragement.
Mountain of Venus - under the thumb - : pronounced: love for beauty, pleasure; very pronounced: an exaggerate person, unfaithful; not pronounced: coldness
Plain of Mars - if it is not so much visible shows courage, a brave, passionate person.

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